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Heng Engineering  have developed a tower crane portfolio to match the growth in demand of  tower cranes in  china and abroad. This portfolio gives our company the flexibility to satisfy our clients’ requirements and maximise the usefulness of each machine to give the owner added value.
The importance of providing good crane sales not only includes a reasonable price,but also includes an effective after-sales service . Customers from India,Sudan,Vietnam,Saudi Arabia and so on have already established agreeable and mutual business relationship with us and highly appreciated our professional service.
Heng Engineering  Tower Cranes cooperates with our customers directly to ensure that they get the techinical back-up service they need to keep their cranes operating efficiently.
Due to Heng Engineering  Cranes’ experience and effort, the list of projects currently being undertaken in  china and  Deying tower cranes are used extensively in other parts of the world. Each configuration of crane is individually designed and built to meet the need of  our customer’s operational requirements on the basis of  relevant  accepted design regulations.

We are the leading Chinese supplier for tower crane and top slewing crane, what has been exported to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, Vietnam, Iran, UAE, Costa Rica, Nigeria, Georgia, and so on. Welcome the potential tower crane dealer and dealership in the foreign market for further cooperation.
If you want to buy tower crane, welcome for your inquiry. We(Tower crane manufacturer) will supply the high quality tower crane of reasonable price.

Mr Meng
Jinan Zhangqiu
Mechanical and electrical parts
Tower crane remote monitoring system Tower crane overload protection system Hoist overload protection system Tower crane black box
Tower crane steel wire rope Passenger hoist motor 11kw Passenger hoist worm reducer WJ-125A Tower crane trolley motor
Tower crane planet gear Tower crane trolley mechanism Tower crane slewing motor Tower crane 55JLF frequency hoist
RCS hoist mechanism Tower crane hoist motor Tower crane fixing angle Tower crane short fixing ange
L Panel HF Panel Pulley Slewing ring
Slewing Double trolley bevel gear pinion 99
Load moment limiter of tower cranes Height,radius and slewing limiters of tower cranes 2m fixing angle 1.6m resuable fixing angle

The debugging after tower crane installation
The using of interphone
The wire rope of tower crane
the repair and maintenance of tower crane without working
The classification of tower crane motor
The using characteristic of luffing tower crane
The cause of tower crane slip hook
The hydrauclic function of tower crane
The ralated maintenance of tower crane
The preventive measures of tower crane slip hook
Construction process of tower crane
The safety distance between tower cranes
Common sense of safe operation
The maintenance of tower crane electrical system
Maintenance of tower crane
Tower crane in construction problems need attention
Jinan Sanyisan International Trading Co., Ltd. is a powerful comprehensive industrial and trading company of tower crane,construction hoist,material lifter,suspended platform,scaffolding,safey devices of tower cranes and construction hoist,concrete machinery and putty.

Tower crane workshopWith technical combination of more than twenty design research institutes and science academies, we heighten our developing ability quickly. We possess qualified technical personnels, complete equipment and testing measurements. Adopting advanced processing and technology, our products(tower Cranes,Flat top cranes,luffing cranes,Topless tower crane,Bucket wheel Stacker,Bucket wheel Reclaimer...etc) enjoy high reputation and popularity among clients home and abroad. The products are successfully sold to 29 cities and autonomous regions in China, and are also exported successfully to Vietnam, Saudi Arabia , India ,Pakistan, Iran, Dubai, Qatar, Nigeria , Costa Rica and so on.

"Quality best and customers paramount " is the goal that we always adhere to. We provide products which are value for money and catering to your specific demand with great quality. Please feel free to contact us for further information.


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